Friday, February 27, 2009

Mini cakes for children to make for any holiday!

Very easy cakes for children to make with Mom (or Dad). They can be for any holiday or for fun. Add greens for St. Patricks Day, pastels for Easter, or Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July! This will cost about $15.00 total and will make 8 small cakes.

You will need:

5" cake aluminum tins (8 of them - you may be able to find them in an 8 pack)
1 box of cake mix - any flavor
Container of icing

Decorating icing tube for designs (you can find a lot of these in the icing section of the store)Sprinkles

Tissue for wrapping and ribbon

Spray the bottom of the tins with pam. Fill the tins evenly and bake. Icing each cake for whatever holiday or theme and wrap. They make a great little gift and the kids will have a lot of fun doing it!

Karlene and I did Valentines Day cakes.....everyone loved them and she enjoyed giving them out.